How Many Surprises Can SV406P Give You

How Many Surprises Can SV406P Give You

How Many Surprises Can SV406P Give You

Since the release of SV406P, it has become a veritable star product. For birds enthusiasts, a good spotting scope is very necessary. It can greatly improve your observation experience. Under the condition of long-distance observation, even with only eyes, you can enjoy the screen you want to capture. The combination of SV406P+SC001 Wifi camera is a classic solution. Many customers will consider this combination when purchasing. Of course, if you also need a tripod, choose SA402. Of course, you can also consider SA409-SA410 Fluid Head Tripod.
For a long time, we have received a lot of good comments about it, because it can not only fully meet the needs of bird watching, but also can look at the moon. Although the details are not very clear, it will be a good way to see the moon with it.
Let's review those reviews from customers again, if you are considering buying a bird spotting scope, it might be a good idea to choose SV406P.

Darren Leow  

Moon photo taken with SV406P 80ED (standard zoom eyepiece @ approx 50x), Samsung S10e, edited in Snapseed
I usually use the 10mm and 18mm Ultra Flat Field eyepieces for astronomical viewing as they have a wider, flatter field of view than the zoom eyepiece
But it's not so easy to take photos through those eyepieces due to the flexible rubber eyecup and the long eye relief. So used the zoom eyepiece for this digiscoped shot. It's also great for views of the moon and planets where field of view is less of a concern, as the flexibility of zooming is helpful.
Really great details at the point of focus on the middle left, although sharpness elsewhere on the photo decreases somewhat.

Yevgeny Frenkel

one of sv406p ed65 outstanding features is ability to replace supplied zoom eyepiece with standard astronomical 1.25 " ones. I've used svbony sv154 (70 degree super wide angle 15mm) and 68 degree ultra wide angle 6mm eyepiece. Here comparison of SV154 15mm 70 deg. with supplied zoom at the same magnification (about x22). Differences in field of view and sharpness are obvious. below is 100% crop of both images.

Spotting scope for quick stargazing  while backpacking? No problem! Use your SV406P 65ED and SVBONY 68 deg 6mm  1.25" eyepiece. If resulting x58 magnification not enough, connect x2 SVBONY Barlow lens. But with Barlow and 6mm eyepiece together that's impossible  to achieve  focus due to short focusing range of SV406P ( this is not  a telescope though). Here goes a trick: disconnect Barlow lens black part containing  lens from Barlow body, and connect it directly to the 6mm eyepiece at it standard M28.5x0.6 thread (intended for filters). Now, instead of x2 Barlow you will get x1.5 Barlow and 6mm EP became  4mm. Of cause, the image will be dimmer (as always using Barlow), but eye relief distance of 6mm lens stay the same 17mm. As result, with SV406P 65 ED you can observe Moon with much more substantial x87 magnification! Image taken with a smartphone

Javi Phonescoping 


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