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This SA401 spotting scope is with a range of magnifications from 25X to 75X, meeting your different needs. The spotting scopes for bird watching is designed to provide you with great performance under a wide range of viewing situations.


This SA412 Spotting Scope features a 3-element, 2-group 80mm objective lens design for 100-300 metre range shooting imaging. It comes with a 1.25" detachable eyepiece and twist-up eyecups for comfortable viewing with or without glasses. 1.25" standard interface Versatile for digital target observation. 20-60x variable magnification,105ft~52.5ft/1000yds field of view. IPX65 waterproof and anti-fog, prolong service life. Upgrade tabletop tripod, height adjustable centre column, easy to adjust the height according to the use of needs.

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Designed with a standard 1.25-inch interface; the eyepiece is replaceable. Professional-grade HD optics provide excellent resolution, reduce chromatic aberration, and deliver superior colour fidelity, edge definition and optical transmission. 80mm objective lens effectively improves image quality Reduces chromatic aberration at the edges of the image. Upgraded adjustable tabletop tripod; upgraded load-bearing, the scope image is more stable, you can easily see bullet holes or targets. The centre column is height adjustable, easy to adjust the height according to the use of the needs. It is compatible with the SVBONY SC001 WiFi Camera and can be connected to a smartphone for remote control. Suitable for bird watching photography and target training. Time-lapse shooting in timed shooting mode; you can view the target in real time on your mobile phone; greatly improving efficiency and comfort.

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This SA412 Spotting Scope is designed with a standard 1.25" standard interface for multi-purpose, realizing digital target observation. Mobile phone bracket and Bluetooth shutter; the mobile phone bracket is connected to the mobile phone to shoot video, and the Bluetooth shutter solves the problems of image shaking, blurred imaging and long-distance shooting caused by using the mobile phone alone in the shooting process.

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New product!!!

APO and Double ED glasses reduce the chromatic aberration, which gives a bright image.

The central focus ring allows spotting aims clearly at a fast speed.

Fully multi-coated and K9 and Porro prism allows more light transmission.

45°design is an ergonomic proportion and suitable for eyes observing or capturing.

IPX6 waterproof and anti-fog.

Currently only available in these countries and regions:Europe, Canada, Japan

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