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SV218 Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount

SKU: W9169A
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1.The SV218 Compatible with binoculars, monoculars, spotting scope, microscopes or astronomical telescopes. Lens size 38.5 – 43mm. 
2.Connect multiple brands of smartphones to take pictures. iPhone, Samsung, etc. Ultra wide width range: 62 – 105 mm.
3.Made of high quality ABS and metal, eco-friendly and durable.

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1.Universal mobile phone camera bracket, easy and flexible focusing, capture wonderful moments
2.Applicable to most mobile phones on the market, Apple, Android phones are fully compatible, support mobile phone width 62mm-105mm
3.Support various types of mobile phone lenses, common smart phones can be used, single lens, dual lens, triple lens
4.Free exchange, support for different sizes of eyepiece optical instruments, mainstream single binoculars, target sights, astronomical telescopes, and microscopes in the market can be used universally

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Product color


product weight


Product Size


product material


Standard configuration

Bracket, manual

Product applicable

SV28 Sv14 sv17 sv403 sv411. SV202 SM402 etc

support mobile phone

Within the range of mobile phone width 62-105mm

chassis size

38.5-43.5mm (plus or minus 1mm)

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